Monday, March 21, 2011

More Chicken Chronicles


We are now the proud caretakers of 21 sweet little chicks!  They are very active and very thirsty!  We worked all weekend on their chicken coop.  My dad had an old building that was going to be torn down so we went and salvaged parts to used for our coop.  To our surprise, we ended up building the entire coop out of the materials and have paid $0 for the coop.  It still needs more roofing and I am going to paint it but it is well on the way to a cozy home for our new babies. 

We ended up with several more varieties than we anticipated.  There are ten Rhode Island Reds, 3 Buff Orphingtons, 2 California Whites, and 6 Rainbow Layers.  The Rainbow layers are supposed to lay blue and green eggs.  The others will lay brown eggs.  The wind was put out of my sails a bit when I learned that we wouldn't have eggs until at least this fall.  That seems forever away!  I want eggs now.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Chicken Chronicles

Well we've made the leap and officially decided to raise chickens, egg laying chickens that is.  We have read, researched, and asked many questions.  We started out knowing nothing but are slowly learning.  Come to find out there's lots to learn.  The chicken coop is underway (will post pictures soon) and we're going to pick up the chicks in the morning!