Thursday, January 19, 2012

Not just any stack of papers . . .

To most people this may just look like a big stack of papers. But this is not just any stack of papers . . . this is the paperwork (a.k.a. dossier in the adoption process) that will be put before a country on our behalf in order for them to determine if we can become parents to a child born in their country.

We are nervous . . .

What if there’s an error?

What if they don’t like something about us that was reported in the homestudy?

What if it gets lost in the mail?

What if . . .

What if . . .

Thank goodness for our faith in a sovereign God. This paperwork is in His hands. It’s a part of His plan for our lives.

For the past two months we have been gathering documents, watching education videos, completing interviews, obtaining signatures, and the list goes on. When we hold our sweet child in our arms this will all be worth it.

So we are excited . . . our dossier is on it’s way!